Speaking on Designer/Developer workflow tools with Ryan Stewart on Oct 21

Since its inception, the Seattle Interact group’s goal has been to talk about designer and developer integration topics without a specific technology bias. The experiment has been interesting, but this October we are putting the idea to a true test. Ryan Stewart, a Platform Evangelist from Adobe and myself, a Silverlight and Expression Evangelist from Microsoft, will be discussing the tools available to improve the D2D Workflow.

Here’s the abstract from the site:

Designer and Developer Workflow
Is it a myth? Marketing lingo? Or could it be real with the help of powerful tools?

Listen in as Ryan Stewart from Adobe and Adam Kinney from Microsoft discuss the workflow concept from their respective point of views. Ryan will demonstrate how Flash Catalyst works within the Flash Platform development cycle. Adam will show how Expression Blend fits into the Silverlight development workflow.

I’m looking forward to the event and expect it to be an interesting session. We’ve both agreed to play nice and not have a “feature show-off” competition, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a few jabs here and there. :)

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2 Responses to Speaking on Designer/Developer workflow tools with Ryan Stewart on Oct 21

  1. Discorax says:

    looking forward to it, hopefully you’ll have a new laptop by then. ;)

  2. mike wolf says:

    this looks like an awesome talk, which I wasnt on this coast

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