Silverlight Design Days – Free Blend Training on Tour

Silverlight Design Days have been given a new name and life as .toolbox Events.
Check them out!

Event Schedule

A Silverlight Design Day is opportunity to learn about Silverlight and Expression Blend from a design and interface developer perspective.

The first half of the day will start out with a short poll, asking these three questions:

  1. How many of you write code?
  2. What technologies do you use today?
  3. Is there anything specific you want to cover?

The tools and the platform will then be introduced by accomplishing designer tasks based on the earlier poll as much as possible.

The second half of the day will be your opportunity to get your hands on Blend and Silverlight. PCs will be available already configured to run through tutorials, made especially with designer and UI tasks in mind.

SWAG and giveaways will be saved till the end of the day, for those hardy souls that can make it all the way through.

Where and When:
The events will be held in training centers with pre-configured PCs available. Feel free to request during the second half of the day, help configuring your own laptop. Once the Event Schedule (shown above) is complete we should end up with an even number of US and non-US locations.

This event is free of charge. However, attendees are responsible for booking and paying for their own travel and accommodation. Both breakfast and lunch will be provided.

You register by click next to the location you wish to attend in the Event Schedule above.  Registration is handled via the MSDN events site, so be sure to have your LiveID credentials ready.

Online Training:
Sounds like a great idea but you can’t wait? Here are a few online sources to get you started:

30 thoughts on “Silverlight Design Days – Free Blend Training on Tour

  1. Looking for a Tampa FL date on this one….

    please not Miami, Ft Lauderdale or Orlando

    they can have one also but I am in Tampa!

  2. Come to Phoenix!!!

    hmm, maybe that’s not polite enough…

    Will you please come to Phoenix?

    …perhaps that wasn’t direct enough…

    You get your boss on the phone right now and tell him that you absolutely HAVE to come to Phoenix, and that there’s no way around it, and that if you don’t the world as we know it will come to and end. Please.

    There, that should do it. 🙂

  3. Adam, are the links broken or just getting hammered? Hitting the Austin link gives me a 404 and the Chicago link seems stuck in loading limbo.


  4. Hello Adam,

    I recently attended your presentation of “Silverlight Design Days” in NY. Unfortunately I had to leave early due to a production problem at work.

    I was wondering if you had posted the presentation & code from that days event.


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