My Last Day at Microsoft

Wow – I can’t believe it has already been 5 years at Microsoft.  I have had a great time here and learned so much from the smart and passionate people I work with as well as the incredible developer community around .NET.  But I have decided it is time for me to try something new – so my last day at Microsoft will be Friday, June 25th.

I’ve had a fun run here at Microsoft and it has always involved the community in one way or another:

  • Channel 9 – Thanks to Jeff Sandquist for starting my career at Microsoft as a developer on the Ch9 team. Back in those days the team was Jeff, Robert Scoble, Charles Torre, David Shadle and myself. And now the team has grown into a division of both content creators and developers. Amazing to see the growth in such a short time.
  • Microsoft Gadgets – Community server spun-off with a custom Showcase Gallery back from the Windows Vista days.
  • Channel 10 – a spin-off of Channel 9 in the direction of tech enthusiasts. This project had a very short lead time and we started from scratch, so it was definitely a rush putting it together and exciting because of that fact.  A quick shout-out to the dev team from back in the day – Erik Porter, Duncan Mackenzie, Mike Sampson
  • MIX websites – (MIX06 – MIX08) Always a labor of love for my favorite Microsoft conference.
  • Channel 8 – (now the Student Lounge) Another Ch9 spin-off that went in the direction of students and academics.
  • Silverlight 1 evangelism – XAML in the browser and cross-platform – amazing! Thanks to Tim Sneath for taking me under his wing.
  • Silverlight 2 evangelism – .NET in the browser and a control model – wonderful!
  • Continuum Show – Exploring the world of the Microsoft Client Continuum and Adam Kinney’s personal idea on how to make videos for Channel 9.
  • Project Rosetta – Have Flash skills? Learn how to use them with Silverlight
  • Silverlight 3 evangelism – Blend and Sketchflow hit the big time, behaviors, better databinding and out of the browser – rocking!
  • Silverlight TVJohn Papa’s show on Ch9 where I acted as head cheerleader and occasional guest.
  • .toolbox – Free training courses on design principles and learning how to apply those principles with Silverlight and Blend
  • Silverlight and Expression 4 launch – Silverlight out-of-browser story complete, devices, printing – hooray! Blend 4 smoother than ever before and can I get a “PathListBox”? PATHLISTBOX!

Another way my time was spent, was attending the variety of different events. It’s always fun to talk to people face to face and learn first-hand the thoughts and needs of the community.  This was definitely a highlight of my job and reminded me why we do what we do.  To list a few of the events here: MIX06-MIX10, PDC05-PDC09, REMIX events (especially European tour 09), the recent Silverlight Design Days/.toolbox Blend events and many more.

All right, enough listing of my history and favorite moments, so what’s next?

I’m going to enjoy the summer by road tripping with my family to Denver and back before starting my next endeavor. I will continue to be involved with the Silverlight and Expression Blend (my love!) community, so I won’t be going too far.

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40 thoughts on “My Last Day at Microsoft

  1. Oh no! You’ll be very much missed! There aren’t enough comic-book t-shirt wearing blue-haired blue badges at the MS conferences these days. Enjoy the summer and best of luck!

  2. Hi Dude,

    Attended one of your classes in the UK a couple of months back – great stuff! Good luck in your future endevours (Hope we havn’t lost you to Steve Jobs – that would be a crime)

  3. Holy Crap …

    I’ve got to meet a whole crop of new Blue-Badgers!

    Thanks for everything Adam… you got me pointed in the right direction with SilverlightCream, and @SilverlightNews was all your idea.

    Your blog is on my Big List O’ Blogs ™, so I’m ready and waiting for the rest of this story… and the posts that will continue.

    Have a great trip, be safe, and good luck!


  4. Wow, another piece of the bedrock is gone. You will be missed big time. It was a pleasure to work with you, I look forward to seeing what you are up to next, and hope we cross paths again!

  5. Adam –

    Thanks for champion the developer/designers in Redmond! I know that Microsoft and the .NET communities are much better places because you were a part of them.

    Looking forward to hearing about your next steps!

  6. Sorry to hear about you leaving Adam but best of luck!

    Intrigued to hear about your next endeavor 🙂


  7. Adam! Wow!
    It’s been a while, and when I finally check in, this! 🙂
    Anyways, let me echo what’s been said in the previous comments, and say that working with you as a Microsoft person was truly a pleasure and that I’m looking forward to any chance at working with you as a non-Microsoft person :). I wish you all the best on your next enterprise!
    (It’s shaping up to be quite a summer/fall here in Tokyo as well…)

  8. Wow, good luck to you. Just when I had all these plans for bringing you back to Boston for more Blend/Silverlight fun…. hmm, on second thought I guess that part doesn’t have to change.

  9. Adam,

    Wishing you the best of luck with your next (sure to be awesome) endeavors. Hope you can stay connected to the Seattle user groups. We love having you around!

    – Ryan

  10. Making echo of Barnes’ message is sad to see another great one partying out… but I know the team is becoming stronger and now it’s time to join us in the front of pushing for new things to go on.

    Enjoy the ride Adam and look forward for nothing but successes!

  11. Glad I got to know you. You’ll definitely be missed in the MSFT community- though I’m sure you won’t be missed for long. Look forward to your next move! I still owe you a dinner, so hopefully you’ll find your way to MIX. 🙂

  12. Congrats Adam on your new endeavor. If you and the fam are out in Boulder, stop by the MR studio and say hi. We can then hook up for a pint (or two) of Boulder’s best microbrew while you’re at it. 😛

    Let me know.

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