A fresh new look for Channel 9 (est. 2004)

Channel 9, the video window into Microsoft, gets a new skin and is brimming with new content.  Congratulations to the team for continuing to rock on!

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The new “Who We Are” video is a fresh take on what Channel 9 is and the people that make up the team.  Curious to a few, I make a cameo in the video babbling on with phrases like:

“…it just kept exploding…”

“…I’m really into reality…”

“…it’s very authentic…”

Ok, that last one is a good quote.  I was fortunate to be part of the team during its toddler through pre-teen years, and had a great time.  It involved some Wild West action, nerf guns, hours of ripping tapes, long nights of coding, an inflatable suit and a lot of fun.

If you’re into technology and interesting people, check out the site.  At this age in Channel9’s life there is definitely something for everyone.

Congratulations again Channel 9 team!  I look forward to your next big gig, PDC10 Live

One thought on “A fresh new look for Channel 9 (est. 2004)

  1. Great post and video! Finally I learn where the title for @Ch9 came from.. {sorry, you need to watch & discover}

    My favorite t-shirt was Larry Larsen’s “I void warranties”

    Thanks for ‘keeping it real’,

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