Microsoft Class of 2010

Since putting in my notice at Microsoft this year, I’ve been paying attention to others who have left the company as well. This is not a “canary in a coal mine” list; rather its just a reflection on the inevitable changes in a large company and the lives of individuals.

It’s a pleasure to have been in the (self-appointed) class of 2010 with these folk and a reminder of the amazing talented people flowing in and out of Microsoft.  Cheers to new directions in careers and for the company.

I’m looking forward to Windows8, Windows Phone 8, IE9, Surface 2, Xbox 720, Silverlight 5 and Yet to be Named Product 1 and 2*.

The list is organized alphabetically by name which links to their farewell post or a related article. Following the name are highlighted areas of work and the last few words from their link.

Adam Kinney – Channel9, Silverlight, Expression Blend
“…so I won’t be going too far.”

Anand Iyer – Evangelism, Windows Phone
“Stay tuned…”

August de los Reyes – Surface, Design Research
“I’m done! 🙂 ”

Brad Abrams – .NET Framework, ASP.Net, Silverlight
“I’d love to stay in touch:”

Chris Burrows – C#

Chris Smith – F#
“You can reach me via my new blog”

Chris Wilson – Internet Explorer
“*** sheesh.  Seriously, just kidding.”

David Crow – Evangelism
“make sure you follow up with John.”

Gary Flake – Live Labs
“I have resigned from Microsoft.”

Ian Ellison-Taylor – Visual Studio, WPF, Silverlight

J Allard – Father of the Xbox
“Decide. Change. Reinvent.”

Jean-Luc David – Evangelism
“Thanks everyone!”

Jim Hugunin – IronPython, DLR
“So long and thanks for all the fish”

Jimmy Schementi – IronRuby, DLR
“Stay tuned, and thanks for all the support thus far.”

Noah Coad – Visual Studio

Lauren Cooney – Web Platform
“Happy Holidays!”

Michael Lehman – Evangelism
“More details to come at the beginning of the new year!”

Phillip Su – 12 Years of Randomness
“Individuals are the sole cause of anything that’s ever happened.”

Ray Ozzie – Chief Software Architect (transitioning)
“… clearing a path to the extraordinary opportunity that lies ahead for us, for the industry, and for our customers.”

Robby Bach – President of Entertainment & Devices Division
“my decision is about things I want to do, not about opportunities for the company”

Sara Ford – Power Toys, CodePlex
“Or to quote Lost, ‘See you in another life, brotha!'”

Simon Guest – Architect Evangelist
“Time to think of something new, perhaps”

I’m sure I missed others who have left the company this year.
Who else should I add to the list?

*All of the product names are completely made up and hold no real weight with the exception of IE9 and Silverlight 5 which have been announced.

**UPDATE: added Anand Iyer, Chris Smith, Gary Flake and Simon Guest

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  1. I took randomly two people out of the list: Ian Ellison-Taylor, and Chris Burrows.

    Guess what, both went to Google!

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