Throwing Stars – a new HTML5 game

Throwing Stars Sampler

Throwing Stars is a new HTML5 game where the goal is to throw a star across the sky and collect all of the sparkling tokens before you run out of stars. Of course it’d be too easy if there were just tokens out there – watch out for walls, planets that will try and get in your way or black holes looking to swallow your star .

We, at Pixel Lab, were given the chance to work together with Ze Frank’s team to build this game as a way for people to win an invite to the new site. It was a fast and furious project, but we were inspired by the site’s whimsical feel and we had a hard deadline to make it to the and IE9 launch at SxSW.

Throwing Stars Instructions
Throwing Stars Instructions pg 2
Throwing Stars blackhole hint

Here’s a few of the tools that helped us out:

  • Google Closure Tools – not only does it provide wonderful compression and compilation, but the inheritance and dependency feature are great
  • box2D physics engine (PixelLab edition) – a cleaned up compiled version of the original JavaScript version of box2D
  • EaselJS – a great sprite library from gskinner for working with Canvas, similar to Flash movieclips
  • Zoë – a tool for exporting swf animations as EaselJS sprite sheets, ended being a really nice workflow

One more thing to point out, we also enjoyed the much acclaimed openess of it being another HTML5 game. We were able to use Mac or Windows for development, with everything safely stored on github.  And the game runs on multiple browsers, OSs and devices. Of course its not perfect across the board yet, but its exciting to see the potential.

I’m looking forward to our next HTML5 project, which I believe starts right now…

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