Grid by Example – WP7 design

I opened a PSD file today which contained a WP7 panorama design and this is what I saw:

intense grid lines for a WP7 app

Metro, the design language for Windows Phone 7 is all about the grid.  At least that’s where you start; then you break the rules to help enforce brand and the intent of your app.

If you’re involved with Windows Phone 7 app design and you haven’t already watched Megan Donahue’s MIX11 talk Advanced Application Design, watch it now. It takes a step beyond, “what is Metro” and moves to “how do I apply it and make something memorable”.

Then once you’ve watched that, check out Ward Bell’s talk All Thumbs: Redesigning an Existing UI to Suit Windows Phone 7.  Ward takes the concepts and inspiration designs from Metro and applies a business application perspective.  Its all about “Jetro” and its more about experience design than i think Ward even knows.

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