The Book of CSS3 – take me to the future! …which is right now

The Book of CSS3, from Peter Gasston, is your ticket from understanding the long-lived CSS2.1 to the new world full of possibilities with CSS3.

The Book of CSS3Yes, there are issues understanding which features of CSS3 have been properly recommended and are currently supported by modern browsers.  But this is where Peter’s extensive knowledge of the past, present and future direction of CSS3 transcribed into this book is so valuable.

His writing style is clear, concise and casual and although the samples are not pulled from real-world apps, their brevity keeps the focus on the feature of discussion. Walking through each example step-by-step, Peter manages to cover the major features while explaining how to implement them successfully in each browser.

After reviewing the past and present, the book ends with Chapter 17 “The Future of CSS”. Although most features discussed have limited or no implementations, it’s fun to look at new ideas and the chapter acts as a reminder that CSS is ever expanding and becoming more and more powerful.

You may have other display technologies and frameworks of choice, but you would be remiss to ignore the current and future most popular display technology.  This book is a great guide to updating your CSS knowledge, ensuring you are not left behind.

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