I’m doing the BUILD HIVE 2011 conference combo

I’ve been looking forward to the BUILD conference since it was announced.  Seeing the Windows 8 demo, with its fancy new Metro evolved look and the fact that new development technologies are on the horizon, makes me feel giddy at the idea of once again a new technology to explore, hate and love.

I had all my plans in place and everything was set until Friday night I caught wind of the HIVE conference happening right here in the Seattle area.

A design and tech conference happening right here, with all the cool kids in the neighborhood?  How could I miss it?

Well, I almost could have because it happens to be on September 16th the last day of the BUILD conference.  Hmm, the last day of a 4-day conference, that’s where the conference organizers tend to place the sessions that they should run, but are not the most excited about.  I bet if I catch those online later, I won’t miss too much.

So the decision is made. Fly down to Anaheim for BUILD, soak up Windows 8 and HTML5 goodness then come home a day early to attend HIVE and ruminate over design and developer workflow and be inspired to do greater work.

Anyone else doing the BUILD HIVE combo?

4 thoughts on “I’m doing the BUILD HIVE 2011 conference combo

  1. Only if Hive will records and shares videos of sessions online like Build… i hate to live in Portugal 🙁

  2. Hi Adam, yes thats a good idea. I was bummed to see HIVE pop up a couple days after registering for BUILD. Was trying to think how I could work both in and you make a good point. I tweeted about this dilemma and the HIVE twittered sympathy and that videos would be made public.
    See you at BUILD!

  3. Who puts a UX conference on the last day of Build! Especially with quite a few speakers (and sponsor) from Microsoft and partner companies. I am actually coming up to Seattle on Friday but only in the evening, so no Hive for me. I’ll catch the videos, but I just don’t get it. What a weird decision.

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