A web log of #Win8Dev

I spent the last 9 months developing a Windows 8 app. It’s not in the store and I’m not sure it ever will be.  It was a proof of concept and something very different for the company, so I believe it met its goal of adding energy in that direction and hopefully some inspiration.

Unfortunately though all of this knowledge on developing a Win8 app (WinJS/C++ specifically) was not shared. Of course it’s complicated with NDAs, deprecated knowledge of past builds and the fact that I just didn’t catalog much of what I learned.

I just signed up for a new project last Friday which should keep me solidly fixed in the Win8 world for a while. And this time I am going to keep a log on the web, call it a web log or even a blog, if you like.

My goal is to bring together all of the notes, trials, discoveries and odd things that come up over the course of the week and then have a post ready the following Monday.

The content will cover developing unnamed (“Metro”) apps using WinJS with a focus on UI development, working with a design team and the language of Windows 8.

That’s it for now, just a tiny commitment to posting weekly about my Win8 development journey. It should be fun.

8 thoughts on “A web log of #Win8Dev

  1. Will definitely forward around. Always good to take note of the complexities of real world development as many of the “30 days and you are in the store” or better yet “30 hours” or a little fictitious. Makes it challenging to sell gigs when expectations are incorrectly set in the ecosystem.

  2. Looking forward to it. Did you look into obfuscating your JS. If so what did you use. Also is it possible to write the code such that the HTML and JS can be shared with a website. That is, when on a tablet extra JS will do all the windows animations but when deployed to IIS and accessed via a browser it will still work without animations.

  3. @Kurt Thanks! Yes, anything substantial can take awhile, but if you had a great “single concept” app idea you could knock it out quickly. Let me know if you have any of those killer ideas…

    @Vaibhav No we did not get into obfuscation, probably will come up in the future. I think its possible to reuse a lot of your code and assets. But I think when you get into handling events, input and system resource you’re pretty off. Just depends on the app.

  4. I know how this feels. In the process of building things, you pick up knowledge about it but don’t really have a chance to share that knowledge. I need to get better at sharing this knowledge. Adam, I’m looking forward to your efforts 🙂

  5. Hey Adam, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing/seeing what you’re working on as I just recently took on a new Win8 app (first of it’s kind here @ MS). 🙂

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