Hello Again

Well, it sure has been awhile.

After leaving Microsoft in 2010, I have been working on a variety of interesting and normally challenging projects. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn a lot on the way, but I’ve realized I’ve been mostly holding it all in.

I normally work on smaller projects where I am the dev team or there is one or two other people involved in the work. I don’t get out to as many conferences as I used to and all the good meetings are across the lake in Seattle, not east-side where I live.

Devolving to mild hermit status with only tiny tweets and the not often enough lunch/dinner/beers with a dev friend to talk about work. Oh if only I had a blog…

But I do, right here. Sitting and waiting patiently like the dog who believes that anytime I put on socks, it must be walk-time. Why else would he be putting on socks?

Blogging though, it only happens when you have something amazing to say or perhaps a long tutorial or some impressive announcement. Enough of that thinking, that’s why nothing has been posted since February of last year.

I’ve got plenty to say that involves more than 140 characters. I spend a lot of my time learning new stuff, sometimes I still get the chance to work on undocumented stuff. I also have been working as an independent contractor for 3.5 years and have some ideas there.

The final step would be the desire to post these thoughts regularly and not just let them drown in the office. Let’s see if I can get through that and start posting…

4 thoughts on “Hello Again

  1. Welcome back! While never a prolific blogger myself, I have often struggled with the task of staying active in documenting my ideas/thoughts. Perhaps your efforts will inspire. In the meantime, I will look forward to your pearls of wisdom!

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