Beginning life as an art student, growing up in the military and then joining the world of software; Adam Kinney feels right at home in that sweet spot between visual design and user interface development. Always at least a part-time evangelist, Adam has traveled the trail of UI technologies. First HTML and CSS, then Flash, WPF, Silverlight, Processing, iOS and Canvas. He has enjoyed learning, teaching and experimenting with them all.

Previously working as a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft covering technologies such as Silverlight and Expression Blend; Adam is now working as an independent consultant specializing in HTML5 and Windows 8 projects.

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  1. hi says:

    very nice adam.it is nice to meet you

  2. TNV Balaji says:

    Building a project skeleton, using CSS3 layout and styling WinJS controls #Win8Dev http://adamkinney.com/blog/2012/08/28/win8dev2/ post is very good thanks

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