I’m doing the BUILD HIVE 2011 conference combo

I’ve been looking forward to the BUILD conference since it was announced.  Seeing the Windows 8 demo, with its fancy new Metro evolved look and the fact that new development technologies are on the horizon, makes me feel giddy at the idea of once again a new technology to explore, hate and love.

I had all my plans in place and everything was set until Friday night I caught wind of the HIVE conference happening right here in the Seattle area.

A design and tech conference happening right here, with all the cool kids in the neighborhood?  How could I miss it?

Well, I almost could have because it happens to be on September 16th the last day of the BUILD conference.  Hmm, the last day of a 4-day conference, that’s where the conference organizers tend to place the sessions that they should run, but are not the most excited about.  I bet if I catch those online later, I won’t miss too much.

So the decision is made. Fly down to Anaheim for BUILD, soak up Windows 8 and HTML5 goodness then come home a day early to attend HIVE and ruminate over design and developer workflow and be inspired to do greater work.

Anyone else doing the BUILD HIVE combo?

Expression Studio 4 Launch on Jun 7th in NYC!

Expression Studio 4 will launch at the Internet Week conference in New York City on June 7th!

Bill Buxton will be there as our featured guest speaker and many of your other favorite Blenders will be there, too:

And I’ll be there as well, with a big smile on my face 🙂

We’ll show the products in action and showcase design agencies who have seen their businesses grow with Expression Studio.

Join us for the launch!


And just a reminder Expression Studio includes Expression Blend, SketchFlow, Expression Web, Expression Design and Expression Web.  We’ve talked about a lot of the new features in Blend 4 (but not all of them!) and now its time to show the new features in all of the tools!