Grid by Example – WP7 design

I opened a PSD file today which contained a WP7 panorama design and this is what I saw:

intense grid lines for a WP7 app

Metro, the design language for Windows Phone 7 is all about the grid.  At least that’s where you start; then you break the rules to help enforce brand and the intent of your app.

If you’re involved with Windows Phone 7 app design and you haven’t already watched Megan Donahue’s MIX11 talk Advanced Application Design, watch it now. It takes a step beyond, “what is Metro” and moves to “how do I apply it and make something memorable”.

Then once you’ve watched that, check out Ward Bell’s talk All Thumbs: Redesigning an Existing UI to Suit Windows Phone 7.  Ward takes the concepts and inspiration designs from Metro and applies a business application perspective.  Its all about “Jetro” and its more about experience design than i think Ward even knows.

See you at MIX11, and hopefully the Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp, too

Less than a month to go for the big MIX11 conference and the buffet of sessions and events looks tasty and they haven’t even released the official sessions yet.  Presently you can peruse the site and find the Boot Camps, UX Lightning Talks (hooray!), R&D sessions, Open Source Fest and the Open Call talks.

This will be my first time attending MIX not as a Microsoft employee and I’m looking forward to waiting in the registration line, avoiding the glare form Ward’s shirt, huddling in awe after Robby’s talk and getting my MIX11 grocery bag.

For more tips on attending MIX, I’d forward you to @TommyLee‘s Field Guide to MIX but it appears to be a 404 now.  If you’re interested keep an eye on his twitter account.  I’m sure once SxSW is over he’ll start talking about MIX again.

Another good source of the haps at MIX is the official Countdown to MIX11 show.

Now on to this Boot Camp business…

app logo sketch

The above sketch is a preview of the app the Grant Hinkson and I are working on for the Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp for MIX11.

Here’s the official blurb:

In this workshop you’ll see a complete Windows Phone app built from the ground up. We’ll walk from File > New Project all the way through app submission in the marketplace. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks required to make your app feel like a native app, from smooth page transitions to highly performant progress bars. You’ll leave with a fully functional app that you can start customizing with your own data and submit to the marketplace for instant global reach.

Grant and I are both programmer nerds who are also nerdy about design, so we’ll be presenting a pragmatic and design attentive way to build an app for Windows Phone 7.

– How easy is it to build a Windows Phone 7 app?

– How do you make an app feel native, but stand out enough to be memorable?

– What kind of development decisions are needed to work well with the environment?

– What is the submission and update process like?

We’re really looking forward to the Boot Camp and we hope to see you there.  If you haven’t registered already for MIX, do it now, before its too late- MIX11 Registration.

I hope to see you there, if not in the Boot Camp, at least in a hallway or two.

And now a parting gift…