Windows Phone 8.1 store package version change surprise – one act


This store bug has been fixed, feel free to ignore this post. More info here


Yesterday, home office

“Ok, new analytics checked in with a few error fixes, time to submit an app update for the Windows Phone app. I’ll just increment from to and Build.”

Visual Studio 

“That’s weird, I’ve never seen that before. It looks like its using the appx date driven version number and my user friendly version number.”

Try again, same result. Restart Visual Studio, same result. Restart machine, same result.

Inspect Package.StoreAssociation.xml files.

“Hmm, the landing urls in the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 has been updated to match, but I was able to build and update the Windows app like normal. That’s confusing.”

Research, find a thread on the MS forums declaring it as normal. Post a rebuttal.

Contact MS Support via chat. Talk to a nice guy that confirms this is the new way it’s going to be, for now, until Windows 10, maybe.

Adapt and move along.

If you run into this error apparently that’s the new way its going to be and you can’t get around it. I updated the package version using the date format “2015.703.0.0” and I am now manually storing a user friendly version for display within the app “1.1.0”. The app uploaded and the user shouldn’t notice a difference.

Next time it would be great to get some kind of notice and understand why there is a difference between Windows and Windows Phone versioning.  My guess is this is just a growing pain and a side effect of the Store union and the oncoming Windows 10 store.

To see the app that has now hit version 2015, check out Wish on Windows Phone and plain old version 1.0 on Windows.