This is a list of the tutorials I’ve written recently. Most of the content focuses on user interface, graphics and animation techniques with Silverlight, specifically taking advantage of the authoring tool Expression Blend and behaviors.

HTML5 | Silverlight 4 | Silverlight 3



Silverlight 4

PathListBox Series
Fluid UI Series
Graphics and Animation
Webcam and Microphone
Expression Blend 4
Flash to Silverlight – Getting Started Series
Flash to Silverlight – API Guide

Silverlight 3

Expression Blend 3

7 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. I’ve been enjoying your tutorials and knowledge of the Silverlight technology. I myself am a C# developer and have just recently got into silverlight development. I have a question for you that I hope you may be able to answer for me. I’m having some serious issues installing the Silverlight 4 Tools RC2 for Visual Studio 2010 update. I’m running Visual Studio 2010 Professional release. The issue is it just hangs up and does not actually install. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Mike, Happy to hear you enjoy the tutorials, thanks. I’m sure what the problem may be, did you install any previous Silverlight beta releases? I would make sure to remove all previous tools and SDKs, there shouldn’t be a problem with the runtime itself upgrading to the new version.

  3. hey im trying to get your xbox friend watcher to work is there a video tutorial or something as I have tried everything else and it still isn’t working

  4. Hi Adam,
    I have run your bugcam example with help of your provided tutorial and its working great, But I want to make some modification in that…
    I wanted to add static buttons instead of moving bugs and according to gesture recognition I want to perform some action on those buttons, Can you plz help me out for these or can you provide some hint for these ?

    Many Thanks
    Nirav Patel.

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